psi forum – The Visitors’ Centre of the Paul Scherrer Institute

The psi forum is your door to the world of science. Over 20 interactive exhibits demonstrate the projects that PSI is working on to find solutions for the challenges of the future. You can discover these exhibits on your own, and according to your interests.

How will we satisfy the energy demands of an increasing global population? What new medical treatments will allow us to live longer, and in better health? What types of new materials will we use in future? In the Visitors’ Centre you will find various exhibits on the topics:Energy and Environment, Human Health and Matter and Material which present to you the PSI research topics.

Exclusive 3-D films enhance your visit. The Universe and Back Again shows the new, large research facility, the Swiss X-Ray Free-Electron Laser SwissFEL. Aliens from a distant galaxy land at PSI. They need the SwissFEL in order to rid their planet of air pollution. Or travel Around the World in 80 Million Years and find out more about the carbon cycle. During a Journey to the Heart of Matter find out about elementary particles after the Big Bang and accompany them through our accelerator facility.