Collaboration and leadership – Our goals


We act responsibly, in line with the PSI mission statement, and are open to new ideas. We exploit our potential, capacities and resources purposefully and efficiently, conscious of the environment and in accordance with ethical principles. In conjunction with our guest scientists, we aim to create a climate of trust, mutual respect and support.


We set ourselves a high level of achievement and set achievable goals. We evaluate each task fairly and acknowledge excellent achievement.


Managers at PSI recognise contexts, set priorities in the interest of the Institute as a whole and act with foresight. They are aware of their responsibility as role models, taking time for their staff and providing them with support. They include staff in their decision-making processes and delegate tasks along with the appropriate competences and resources.


We provide a high standard of safety with respect to our staff, the environment and PSI's facilities, while consciously maintaining an active safety culture.


We work together loyally, fairly, openly and reliably, encouraging collaboration across departments and regarding PSI as a single entity, in spite of its great diversity. We embrace criticism, conflict and teamwork, and we maintain dialogue, always seeking a clear, common language. We communicate and inform transparently in all directions, as required. We listen actively, and are able to give and accept constructive feedback.


We observe equality of opportunity for all employees, promote their potential and encourage their willingness to change, as well as supporting their professional, personal and human development.