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X-ray tomography helps understand how the heart beats

Researchers at the Swiss Light Source SLS use X-ray phase contrast imaging to study a heart in action as it beats.

Unconventional superconductivity found in kagome metal

Physicists using muon spin spectroscopy at PSI make the missing link between their recent breakthrough in Nature and unconventional superconductivity

Making the most of our data

New initiatives will develop open data practices in key strategic areas including electron microscopy and materials science at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

The clever glue keeping the cell’s moving parts connected

Optimised by nature over 100 million years of evolution, this smart liquid provides a crucial coupling that ensures cell division correctly proceeds.

Imaging biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

Artificial intelligence pinpoints cells indicative of Alzheimer’s disease based on DNA packing in mouse brain images, shows study in Nature Communications

Making sense of the muon’s misdemeanours

An exotic atom called muonium could explain why muons won’t stick to the rules, believe researchers using the Swiss Muon Source at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

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