Patients numbers

At the Paul Scherrer Institute's Center for Proton Therapy, more than 2300 patients with tumours deep in the body (brain, skull base and spinal column tumours as well as sarcomas) have been treated since 1996, including over 840 children and adolescents.

Patients with tumours of the eye have even been irradiated with protons at PSI’s CPT since 1984. With over 8000 eye tumour treatments, PSI is one of the centres with the greatest experience in combating this rare disease worldwide.

Even small children are irradiated with protons against their cancer at the Center for Proton Therapy ZPT of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI. Some of them are given anaesthesia. This child sits on its mother's lap and is calmed down by the anaesthetist (on the left in the picture) with a finger puppet game before the treatment starts.
(Photo: Paul Scherrer Institute/Markus Fischer)