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Here you find, in chronological order, further information on the topic of proton therapy at the CPT of the PSI.

6 November 2023
Figure 1: Degrader from the top when retracted. The wedges, which are moved against each other with copper jaws, are clearly visible.

A more efficient degrader for proton therapy

At PSI’s Center for Proton Therapy (CPT), protons are used to treat cancerous tumours in a highly targeted way that spares healthy tissue as much as possible. This is the result of the characteristic way in which charged particles interact with matter, so that a beam of protons deposits most of its energy at a certain depth in a material depending on the energy and the composition of the material. The dedicated medical cyclotron COMET accelerates protons to an energy of 250 MeV, which then have to be "slowed down" so that the energy matches the depth of the tumour to be treated.

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4 February 2021

"Ultimately, we aim to understand how diseases start in single cells"

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Imaging and sequencing techniques combined with machine learning offer researchers countless opportunities to look inside cells with greater precision than ever before. G.V. Shivashankar, lab head at PSI, describes how such information can be used to find answers to pressing questions.

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28 September 2020
Serena Psoroulas mit der Versuchsanordnung in der Gantry 1

New technique for ultrafast tumour therapy

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For the first time, researchers at the Centre for Proton Therapy at PSI have tested ultrafast, high-dose irradiation with protons. The new, experimental FLASH technique could revolutionise radiation therapy for cancer.

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31 October 2019
Teaser zur Infografik Feuer frei auf Tumore

Open fire on tumours

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At the treatment stations of the Centre for Proton Therapy at PSI, tumours can be precisely irradiated from any direction. An interactive graphic explains how the protons get from the source to the body in order to trigger the elimination of tumour tissue.

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3 October 2019
Damien Weber

"It's important to keep doing research"

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Proton therapy is time-consuming and more costly than conventional radiation therapy, but its accuracy in targeting tumours is unsurpassed. An interview with Damien Weber, head of the Centre for Proton Therapy at PSI.

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26 September 2019

Cancer cells under attack

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At PSI, cancer patients receive a therapy that is unique in Switzerland. Bombardment with protons wipes out cancer cells  –  and does so more precisely than with any other form of irradiation.

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28 February 2019
Professor Beate Timmermann(Photo: West German Proton Therapy Centre Essen)

Children are her passion

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At PSI, Beate Timmermann built up a programme providing proton therapy for children with cancer at the same time she was raising her own son. Today she is head of the Clinic for Particle Therapy at the West German Proton Therapy Centre in Essen (WPE) and is considered one of the most accomplished experts in this field.

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