Clinical Collaboration

The Center for Proton Therapy has an established collaboration with the Inselspital of Bern, University of Bern. The Radiation Oncology Department at Inselspital offers consultations for proton therapy. To schedule an appointment please send an email to inquiry .

There is a clinical collaboration between the Center for Proton Therapy and the Radiation Oncology Department of the University Hospital of Zürich (USZ). This department also offer dedicated proton therapy consultations within the framework of the Center for High-precision Radiotherapy. The European randomised clinical trial on oesophageal carcinoma (PROTECT) is also being conducted together with the USZ. Patients with operable oesophageal carcinoma (stage cT1-4a or cN+, cM0) are randomly assigned to either conventional photon irradiation or proton irradiation. Both groups receive chemotherapy in parallel. Surgery is planned 6-12 weeks later. In this study, the extent to which proton irradiation leads to fewer side effects (especially pulmonary complications) is being tested. Please contact Dr. Leiser ( for further information.

The Children's Hospital in Zurich is closely involved in the treatment of children. During their treatment at CPT, the children are regularly presented at the Zürich Children’s Hospital for clinical control examinations. A team of anesthesiologists comes from the Zürich Children’s Hospital to enable the irradiation of the youngest children under sedation at CPT.

The treatment of ocular tumours (OPTIS program) is performed in a close clinical collaboration with the Opthalmic Hospital Jules-Gonin in Lausanne. Patients are seen at the hospital in Lausanne first to evaluate the need of proton therapy. If yes, they undergo a preparatory surgical intervention before they are referred to the Center for Proton Therapy at PSI for proton irradiation. For any further information, please contact Mrs. Meier Dainese (

The Center for Proton Therapy closely collaborates clinically with the Radiation Oncology Department at Cantonal Hospital in Aarau / Swiss Hyperthermia Network on combined hyperthermia/proton therapy for soft tissue sarcoma patients. This combined treatment modality is offered within the framework of a prospective clinical trial (Short title: HYPROSAR, Trial Description in the Clinicaltrials Registry) which has been approved by the Ethics committee. For more information, please contact Dr. Dominic Leiser (

The MRI Unit at PSI is run in collaboration with the Radiology Institute at Kantonsspital Baden (KSB). Routine diagnostic imaging is performed and reported by KSB team. Furthermore, joint research projects are ongoing on advanced MRI applications and dual energy CT.

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