Dr. Lars Erik Fröjd

Erik Lars Fröjd


Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Erik Fröjd is a scientist working in the PSD Detector Group at PSI. After obtaining his Masters degree from Mid Sweden University he moved to CERN for his doctoral studies as a part of a Marie Curie ITN. He worked in the MEDIPIX group focusing on characterization of hybrid pixel detectors such as the Medipix3RX and Timepix3. Later he joined the detector group at PSI first as a postdoc and now on a time limited scientist contract. At PSI Erik developed the current threshold equalization and calibration algorithm used for the EIGER detector. Currently he is working on detectors for Electron Microscopy and the detector control software.

Development of Hybrid Pixel Detectors for Electron Microscopy. Software development including Python bindings for the detector group control software and maintaining the EIGER calibration software.

Could Hybrid Pixel Detectors revolutionize data collection for electron diffraction the same way they did for X-rays? Erik’s research is targeted at using the detectors developed by the PSI Detector Group in electron microscopes and accelerators.

For an extensive overview we kindly refer you to our publication repository DORA