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MOENCH: Micropixel with enhanced pOsition rEsolution usiNg CHarge integration

MÖNCH is a novel hybrid silicon pixel detector based on charge integration and analog readout, featuring a challengingly 25 μm pixel pitch.
It is a research project which aims to push the development of hybrid pixel detectors to its limits in terms of photon flux, position resolution, energy information and low energy detection.

MÖNCH03 is a fully functional, small scale prototype of 10x10mm2, containing an array of 400x400 pixels, designed in UMC 110nm technology.
It is optimized for low flux applications and the gain is selectable only statically. Despite being only a prototype, it has already been used for several scientific applications. Its main perfomance is highlighted in the table:

Noise 40 electrons
Dynamic range 100 12 keV photons
Frame rate 1.3 kHz

Although still a research project, the main foreseen target applications are:

  • Energy resolved experiments (XRF, Laue diffraction)
  • (sub-)micron resolution imaging
  • Colour imaging with X-ray tubes
  • Low energy detection

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Person Position Phone Nr. Email
Dr. Anna Bergamaschi
Group Leader Detector Science and Characterization
Dr. Roberto Dinapoli
Microelectronics Engineer, leader of the chip design group