Dr. Anna Bergamaschi

Photo of Anna Bergamaschi

Group Leader Detector Science and Characterization

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Anna Bergamaschi studied physics at University of Trieste (Italy). In 2005 she received her PhD from the same university for a thesis performed at INFN on the development of a single photon counting silicon microstrip detector for breast tomography at the SYRMEP beamline of the Elettra synchrotron light source. After a short postdoc in Trieste on the FP6 I-IMAS project for the development of an intelligent imaging system for mammography, Anna moved to PSI for a postdoc on the MYTHEN detector for time resolved powder diffraction. In 2008 Anna joined the Photon Science Detector group where she develops microstrip and pixel detectors, mainly for the Swiss Light Source, and takes part to users experiments. Since 2021, she is group leader of the PSD Detector Science and Characterization group.

Anna Bergamaschi is group leader of the PSD Detector Science and Characterization group. Moreover, she is directly responsible for the development of the new MYTHEN3 single photon counting microstrip detector for powder diffraction and for the MÖNCH analog detector for high resolution, energy resolved and soft X-ray experiments. Anna also coordinates the collaboration between PSI and FBK for the development of high efficiency sensors with internal amplification for the soft X-ray energy range. Since 2019 Anna is co-editor of Journal of Synchtron Radiation.

Anna Bergamaschi's research focuses on the optimization of the hybrid detector detector technology for applications at synchrotrons and XFELs. This includes detector modelling and characterization as well as the participation to users experiments. For single photon counting detectors, Anna's research focuses the improvement of the count rate capability and the implementation of communications schemes between pixels in order to improve the spatial resolution. For analog detectors, she collaborates in the development and characterization of low noise detectors with dynamic gain switching and pioneers new applications in the soft X-ray energy range as well as direct conversion high spatial resolution imaging thanks to interpolation. In parallel,  Anna is involved in the optimization of the sensors characteristics focusing on the final applications.


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