Aidan Gabriel McConnell Montoya

McConnell Aidan

PhD Student

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI


Aidan McConnell is a PhD student working with Prof. Dr. Gabriel Aeppli in the Quantum Photon Science group at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) and ETH Zürich.

Previously he did his Bachelor's and Master's degrees at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Information. His Master's thesis was on Quantum Metrology and Closed Timelike Curves under the supervision of Dr. David Arvidsson-Shukur.

Selected Publications

Nonclassical Advantage in Metrology Established via Quantum Simulations of Hypothetical Closed Timelike Curves
David R. M. Arvidsson-Shukur, Aidan G. McConnell, and Nicole Yunger Halpern