The Thin Films and Interfaces Group

Yi Hu

Thin films are nowadays utilized in many applications, ranging from semiconductor devices to optical coatings and are even present in pharmaceuticals (polymers). This wide-spread application of films with thicknesses from atomic monolayers to microns is due to the developments of thin film deposition techniques. Thin films are also important for studies of materials with new and unique properties due to the possibility of tuning their crystallographic and morphological properties. The thin film approach, i.e. the presence of interfaces (to a substrate or the film surface) adds more degrees of freedom for influencing the properties of materials, e.g. by lattice strain or surface functionalization. For these fundamental studies of material properties large research facilities such as synchrotron radiation or neutron spallation sources are one of the keys that the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) provides.

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Date: Thursday 27 June, 2024, 16:00 
Topic:  CO2 hydrogenation selectivity shift over In-Co binary oxides catalysts 
Guest speaker: Prof. Limin Guo, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology  
Room: OFLG/401 

Date: Thursday 4 July, 2024, 13:00 
Speaker:  Jeffrey Brock    
Room: OSGA/EG06

Date: Friday 5 July, 2024, 10:00  
Topic: Understanding the role of interfaces and grain boundaries in fuel cells and batteries  
Guest speaker:  Prof. Kulbir Ghuman, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS). Université du Québec, Canada  
Room: OFLG/402 

Date:  Monday 8 July, 2024, 16:00 
Title: Recent work with LaTiOxNy 
Speaker:  Anna Hartl     
Room: OFLG/402 

Date: Thursday 25 July, 2024, 13:00 
Speaker:  Sourav Sahoo     
Room: OSGA/EG06

Date:  Wednesday 28 August, 2024, 16:00 
Title: TBA
Speaker:  Fatima Haydous  
Room: OFLG/402 

April 2024

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April 22-26, 2024  Seattle, Washington, USA
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June 2024

ECAPD 2024 

European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics
June 16-19, 2024  Trondheim, Norway
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September 2024

iWOE-30 2024 

International Workshop on Oxide Electronics
September 29.-2.October 2024 , Darmstadt, Germany
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