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LMX: Laboratory for Multiscale materials eXperiments

The Laboratory for Multiscale materials eXperiments (LMX) focusses on designing novel functional materials in poly- and single crystalline form, as thin films and as multilayers. Read more about LMX

Current News

1 December 2017

2018 Richard L. Greene Dissertation Award

Claire Donnelly from the Mesoscopic Systems Group has been awarded the 2018 Richard L. Greene Dissertation Award in Experimental Condensed Matter or Materials Physics from the American Physical Society, recognizing doctoral thesis research of exceptional quality and importance. This prize is for her dissertation on “Hard X-ray Tomography of Three Dimensional Magnetic Structures”. Claire conducted her thesis work in collaboration with the CXS group and the OMNY project, with experiments done at the SLS cSAXS beamline.
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Scientific Highlights

24 October 2017

Magnetic structures take a new turn

The unexpected finding that in an ‘artificial spin ice’ magnetostatic energy can be transformed into directed rotation of magnetization provides fresh insights into such nano-patterned magnetic structures — and might enable novel applications in nanoscale devices.

20 July 2017

Diving into magnets

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A team led by Laura Heyderman has made visible, for the first time, the 3D directions of the magnetisation inside a magnetic object. The smallest details in their visualisation were on the scale of 100 nanometers. Among others, the magnetic structure contained one outstanding kind of pattern: magnetic singularities called Bloch points, which up to now were only known in theory.

17 July 2017

4-spin plaquette singlet state in the Shastry–Sutherland compound SrCu2(BO3)2

Scientists from PSI and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have shown experimentally for the first time a quantum phase transition in strontium copper borate, the only material to date that realizes the famous Shastry–Sutherland quantum many-body model.