Laser-Induced Forward Transfer for the Fabrication of Devices

(a) Mn K-edge XANES spectra of the ∼60 nm o-LMO epitaxial film were measured at room temperature for polarizations E || [110] and E || [001]. The inset shows the magnified pre-edge features. (b) FEFF simulations using the crystallographic data of the bulk o-LMO sample for E || [110] and E || [001]. The simulated pre-edges are shown on a larger scale in the inset.


X-ray near edge absorption spectroscopy was used to probe the electronic structure of multiferroic orthorhombic LuMnO3 polycrystalline samples and strained, twin-free orthorhombic (1–10) LuMnO3 films grown by pulsed laser deposition on (1–10) YAlO3 substrates. For all o-LuMnO3 samples x-ray near edge absorption spectroscopy spectra reveal that the pre-edge structure is influenced by the increase in MnO6 distortion as a result of the smaller Re-ion or film strain. Furthermore there is clear evidence of anisotropic Mn-O bonding and Mn orbital ordering along the c- and [110] direction. The experimental film and bulk data are in agreement with ab initio simulations.