Growth of LixLaySrzMnO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition: complex relation between thin film composition and deposition parameters

Gesara Bimashofer; Stefan Smetaczek; Elisa Gilardi; Christof W. Schneider; Andreas Limbeck; Thomas Lippert; and Jochen Stahn


LixLaySrzMnO3 thin films of various compositions (x,y,z) have been grown using pulsed laser deposition. The compositions of the films have been studied as a function of deposition temperature, target-to-substrate distance and deposition pressure with respect to different cation ratios of the targets by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. When growing multi-elemental oxide thin films containing lithium (with its large mass difference to other elements), lithium loss is most probably inevitable. But the desired thin film composition can be achieved by selecting specific growth conditions and different target compositions. The experiments also elucidate some of the mechanisms behind the incongruent lithium transfer from the targets to thin films.