The diffractometer is located 21 m from the source. The main component of the device is an AEROTECH high precision air-bearing rotation axis (ABR).
X06DA Mini Hutch

PRIGo goniometer (since January 2012)

The Parallel Robotics Inspired Goniometer (PRIGo) is a novel and compact goniometer which provides an alternative for kappa goniometers used at synchrotron macromolecular crystallography beamlines. Based upon a combination of serial and parallel kinematics, PRIGo consists of the usual Omega rotation performed by an Aerotech, followed by four linear stages working synchronously to allow the three translations (X,Y,Z), the Chi rotation (0-90º), and finally the Phi rotation (0-360º) around the sample holder axis. Spheres of confusion are of <5 microns, <7 microns and <10 microns for Omega, Chi and Phi respectively, thanks to the use of SmarAct linear positioners replacing conventional linear spindle stages.
PRIGo goniometer

PILATUS 2M-F detector (since November 2011)

PILATUS 2M-F detector at X06DA with 60 Hz frame rate

The sample changer is the TELL robot. The sample changer features a six-axis Staubli robot and a dewar capacity of 20 unipucks at X06DA. 

Oxford Cryojet: temperature range: 90 - 290 K
KETEK Si-drift detector: energy resolution 4%, energy range between 150 eV and 30 keV.