Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry

The Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry (LUC) focuses on fundamental research and education for assessing the impact of human activities and natural processes on human health, environment and climate.
The surface chemistry research group investigates multi-phase chemical processes relevant for atmospheric chemistry and the analytical chemistry research group reconstructs environmental and climatic conditions from high-altitude glaciers.

10 November 2021

Congratulations to Huanyu Yang

On 10th November 2021 Huanyu Yang successfully defended his PhD entitled “Hydrogen Bonding structure of Water at Interfaces relevant for ice nucleation" at ETH Zürich. 

Picture: Huanyu Yang with supervisor Markus Ammann.


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1 September 2021

Welcome to Antoine Roose

We warmly welcome Antoine Roose as Postdoc in the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry. He joined the Surface Chemistry group on 1 September 2021.

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29 October 2021
Margit Schwikowski i

"We can now look at climate change regionally"

Energy and Environment Environment

Margit Schwikowski is head of the Laboratory for Environmental Chemistry at PSI. In an interview, she explains what aerosols have to do with climate change.

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15 June 2021
Teaser Ice Memory

‘Ice Memory Mission’ accomplished

Energy and Environment Environment

During its expedition to the Monte Rosa massif, the international Ice Memory team extracted two ice cores over 80 meters long from Colle Gnifetti, the oldest ice in the Alps.

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