Sample Changer


NEW: TELL sample changer



  • Unipucks only. SPINE pucks are no longer supported at X06SA-PXI and X10SA-PXII (but still in use at X06DA-PXIII)
    • Unipucks and tooling are available for on-site use
    • Please plan appropriate extra time before the beamtime if you need to shuffle your samples to Unipucks
      • A Combipuck system is available on site and may be used to transfer between Spine puck and Unipuck
  • The use of the spreadsheet is mandatory with TELL
  • Large dewar capacity of 30 Unipucks
  • Estimated sample exchange time of 24 s
  • Samples must be shipped in Unipucks for remote operation
  • Pin format is unchanged (see below). We recommend using SPINE standard pins.
  • Manual mounting still available





  • SPINE pucks
    • pucks can be borrowed on site
  • Caps and vials: Molecular Dimensions CryoCaps and Molecular Dimensions CryoVials (MD site)
    • This is critical!
    • NOTE that, e.g., Hampton vials will not be adequate for usage with the system
  • Pucks: Molecular Dimensions EMBL/ESRF Baskets MD site
  • samples.xls: Spreadsheet with sample information to use with the CATS robot