Physics against Cancer

Now in bookshops:

Physics against Cancer – How the Paul Scherrer Institute pioneered modern proton therapy

Are you curious to know how and why PSI is currently treating daily many cancer patients with protons? Well, PSI had a book written about it and it is now available at the book shops, Here is a little appetiser from the back cover «This book is for anyone with an interest in scientists’ continual quest to find out more. It tells the remarkable story, spanning half a century, of the men and women at the Paul Scherrer Institute’s Center for Proton Therapy who had the knowledge, imagination and perseverance to bring their ideas to fruition. It demonstrates, perhaps most of all, just what can be achieved from close collaboration between physicians and scientists – bringing all the powers of physics to bear in the fight against cancer.»

The book was written by Damien Weber and Simon Crompton. It was published by vdf Hochschulverlag AG at the ETH Zürich. Therefore, we hereby link to the book's sales page there. However, the book is also available in book shops and in online retail.

Enjoy the read!