New entry rules into Switzerland

Switzerland has tightened the entry rules into the country on 04 December 2021 and has adapted them as of 20 December 2021. With few exceptions, everyone entering Switzerland must present an entry form and a negative test result regardless of what country to enter from.

Entry form

Everyone entering Switzerland must present a completed entry form. Individual exemptions apply, e.g. for cross-border commuters and people travelling from areas bordering Switzerland. 

At various times you will be asked to show a negative test result:

On entry to Switzerland: On entering Switzerland, everyone aged 16 and over intending to enter Switzerland must be able to show the negative result of a PCR test (performed no more than 72 hours prior to entry) or of a rapid antigen test (performed no more than 24 hours prior to entry). You must have this test in your country of departure.

After entering Switzerland: Once in Switzerland, everyone aged 16 and over and not either vaccinated or recovered from Covid must take another PCR test or rapid antigen test between the 4th and 7th day after entry. That means: if you stay 4 or more days in Switzerland a second test becomes mandatory except you are either fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid. The second test must be taken in Switzerland but may also be a rapid antigen test. The test result and the number of the entry form or a copy of the contact card must be notified to the canton within 2 days. For that purpose you will receive a SMS message from the canton Aargau. As an alternative you may also send an email with the test documents to the canton directly.

Have you received a negative test result? In this case you must report this to the canton in the form of a COVID test certificate. Have you received a positive test result? In this case, notify the canton of the test result. The costs of the test are borne by the person themselves.

List of test centers nearby PSI.

Please also consult the "Travel check".

Please find further detailed information about existing quarantine rules or in Switzerland accepted vaccine products for certificates on this webpage of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health FOPH.