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14 September 2021
NZZ am Sonntag has picked up this highlight am Sonntag (issue 7th March 2021)

«Price tags» of the Swiss energy transition

NZZ am Sonntag  has picked up this highlight in its issue on March 7th, 2021: The highlight refers to the analysis performed in SCCER Joint Activity Scenarios and Modelling, where PSI-LEA performed the analysis of the energy transition pathways.

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15 July 2021
Increasing small scale details of a jet

Analysis of a large-scale turbulent round jet

The entire study is an investigation into the self-similarity behavior [1] of first and second order statistical quantities derived from a large-scale jet flow taken from one of the experiments in the PANDA facility using the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD).

What is presented, are the merits, the potential and the characteristics of the corresponding underlying POD analysis. Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) is a mathematical framework to extract large-scale structures which are otherwise eventually masked by the complexity of the fully turbulent flow; example: the meandering of a jet which is not so obvious for the original data.

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11 June 2021
Moeckli et al

Two scenarios for superconductivity in CeRh2As2

CeRh2As2, a nonsymmorphic heavy fermion material, was recently reported to host a remarkable temperature versus z-axis magnetic-field phase diagram with two superconducting phases. In this material, the two inequivalent Ce sites per unit cell, related by inversion symmetry, introduce a sublattice structure corresponding to an extra internal degree of freedom. In this work, we propose a classification of the possible superconducting states in CeRh2As2 from the two Ce-sites' perspective.


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29 March 2021
Luc Van Loon

Safely stored for a million years

Energy and Environment Research Using Synchrotron Light Nuclear Power Plant Safety

Switzerland plans to construct a deep repository for its radioactive waste. There are three potential locations, and data obtained by PSI researchers can aid in selection of the best one.

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5 March 2021
Tom Kober

Switzerland's energy transition

Media Releases Energy and Environment

Can Switzerland, as planned, reduce its CO2 emissions to zero by 2050? What is needed to achieve this? What could it cost?

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2 March 2021

Watching receptor proteins changing shape

Research Using Synchrotron Light SwissFEL Biology Human Health

In our bodies, G protein-coupled receptors mediate countless processes. PSI researcher Ramon Guixà talks about how he brings those receptor molecules to life on the computer screen.

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22 January 2021
Manuel Grimm

New blueprint for more stable quantum computers

Matter and Material Quantum Research

PSI researchers have shown how faster and better defined quantum bits can be created. The central elements are magnetic atoms from the class of so-called rare-earth metals, selectively implanted into the crystal lattice of a material.

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