Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
24.09.20 OSGA/EG06 F. Merkt Precision Measurements in molecular Hydrogen and Helium ETHZ P. Banerjee Abstract
01.10.20 OSGA/EG06 S. Antusch Heavy Neutral Lepton Searches at Future Colliders Basel E. Bagnaschi Abstract
08.10.20 WHGA/001 P. Schmidt-Wellenburg Reduced Limit on the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron PSI M. Spira Abstract
15.10.20 OSGA/EG06 J. Home Ion trapping between fundamental and applied physics ETHZ E. Bagnaschi Abstract
22.10.20 WHGA/001 L. Baudis XENON1T latest results UZH E. Bagnaschi Abstract
29.10.20 OFLG/402 N. van der Meulen TATTOOS PSI P. Banerjee Abstract
05.11.20 WHGA/001 P. Crivelli Searching for Hidden Sector Physics with NA64 ETHZ E. Bagnaschi Abstract
12.11.20 OFLG/402 M. Sigrist Superconductors/High Tc ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
19.11.20 WBGB/019 A. Sfyrla FASER at LHC Geneve P. Banerjee Abstract
26.11.20 WBGB/019 S. Quanz Exoplanets and Habitability ETHZ P. Banerjee Abstract
03.12.20 OFLG/402 A. Antognini Latest results from the muHe-Lambshift PSI/ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
10.12.20 WHGA/001 N. Altobelli JUICE ESA M. Spira Abstract
17.12.20 WHGA/001 M. Hama NCCS activity and Swiss climate scenarios NCCS E. Bagnaschi Abstract