Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
21.09.23 WHGA/001 Bruno Leibundgut Hubble Tension – is Cosmology in Trouble? TU Munich M. Rocco Abstract
28.09.23 OSGA/EG06 Joost Vossebeld Silicon Pixel Detector for Particle Physics Liverpool University M. Spira Abstract
05.10.23 WHGA/001 Núria Casacuberta Arola How Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) contributed to the Understanding of Ocean Circulation? ETHZ, LIP

M. Rocco

12.10.23 WHGA/001 René Reimann (g-2)μ @ Fermilab Mainz University J. Mazzitelli Abstract
19.10.23   no colloquium        
26.10.23 WBGB/019 Bernhard Auchmann Hardware R&D to the FCC Design Study PSI J. Mazzitelli Abstract
02.11.23 WBGB/019 Paolo Crivelli Muonium ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
09.11.23 WBGB/019 Margit Schwikowski Reconstruction of atmospheric and climatic Conditions PSI/Bern University J. Mazzitelli Abstract
16.11.23 WHGA/001 Jan Steggemann Recent Higgs Boson Highlights EPFL/ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
23.11.23 WBGB/019 Piet Schmidt Quantum logic spectroscopy of highly charged ions PTB, U. Hannover M. Rocco Abstract
30.11.23 WHGA/001 Attila Krasznahorkay X17 particle Atomki M. Rocco Abstract
07.12.23 WHGA/001 Patrick Decowski Dark matter research with the XENONnT detector NIKHEF M. Rocco Abstract
14.12.23 WHGA/001 Steven Hoekstra Electron EDM with a cooled beam of BaF molecules U. Groningen J. Mazzitelli Abstract