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Lea Caminada

A plan for the world’s biggest machine

Large Research Facilities Particle physics

Interview with Lea Caminada, head of the High Energy Particle Physics Group at PSI, about the next potential large project at CERN.

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Abreu et al

All Two-Loop Feynman Integrals for Five-Point One-Mass Scattering

We compute the complete set of two-loop master integrals for the scattering of four massless particles and a massive one. Our results are ready for phenomenological applications, removing a major obstacle to the computation of complete next-to-next-to-leading order QCD corrections to processes such as the production of a H/Z/W boson in association with two jets at the LHC. Furthermore ...

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Javier Mazzitelli

2024 Guido Altarelli Award to Javier Mazzitelli

The Guido Altarelli Award honours the memory of the late Guido Altarelli, one of the founding fathers of QCD, an outstanding communicator of particle physics, and a mentor and strong supporter of Junior Scientists. 

Javier Mazzitelli has been awarded the 2024 Guido Altarelli Award in acknowledgement of his distinguished contributions to the field of particle physics. The Guido Altarelli Award is awarded every year to junior scientists for outstanding scientific contributions to the fields covered by the DIS Conference series. 

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BRIDGE workshop participants

Japanese – Swiss BRIDGE Workshop at PSI

BRIDGE stands for Bridging Research Innovations in Diverse muon and neutron science by GEneral collaboration between Japan and Switzerland. After a first remote edition of this new workshop series in 2022, an in-person BRIDGE workshop took place at PSI, October 18-20, 2023.

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