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AlCap Study of Muon Capture for Muon to Electron Conversion Experiments Details
Background and normalization studies for the Mu2e and COMET experiments. Muonic Atoms
2013-2015 Peter Kammel,
Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) One of the two multi purpose experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.

Details High Energy
1992- Danek Kotlinski,
FAST: Measurement of the muon lifetime Precision measurement of GF via muon decay.

Details Muon Decay
1998-2005 Konrad Deiters,
HyperMu (CREMA collaboration: Charge Radius Experiment with Muonic Atoms)
Hyperfine splittings in muonic hydrogen and 3He. Muonic Atoms
2016- Aldo Antognini,
Lambshift in Muonic Hydrogen Will allow to eliminate the contribution of the proton charge radius in precision QED tests.

Details Muonic Atoms
1998-2015 Aldo Antognini,
MEG: The decay of a muon into a positron and a gamma ray A look beyond the standard model at 10-14 level.

Details Muon Decay
1999- Stefan Ritt,
Mu3e: The decay of a muon into three electrons Search for new physics at the 10-16 level.

Details Muon Decay
2012- Stefan Ritt,
MUSE: Muon Proton Scattering Experiment Measurement of the proton radius via muon scattering.

Details Muon Scattering
2012- Ron Gildman,
MuSun: Muon Capture on the Deuterium Measurement of μd capture rate to 1% precision.

Details Muonic Atoms
2008- Malte Hildebrandt,
MuX: Measurement of the charge radius of radium Muonic Atoms 2016 Andreas Knecht,
nEDM: Measurement of the neutron electric dipole moment Search for non-standard CP violation.

Details Ultracold Neutrons
2009- Klaus Kirch,
nTRV: Decay of free polarised neutrons Search for time reversal violation.

Details Ultracold Neutrons
2001- Wulf Fetscher,