Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

22.02.24WHGA/001Björn PenningSearching for Dark Matter High and LowUniversity of ZürichJ. Mazzitelli/S. RittAbstract
29.02.24OSGA/EG06Tiziano CamporesiNeutrino Physics at the LHC: the SND@LHC Experiment (pdf)CERNM. Rocco/B. KotlinskiAbstract
07.03.24WHGA/001Claudio PaganiniAn Introduction to Causal Fermion Systems and its Prospects for BaryogenesisUniversity of RegensburgM. RoccoAbstract
14.03.24WHGA/001April CridlandUnravelling the Gravity of Antimatter: First Results from the ALPHA-g Experiment (simplified pptx, pdf)CERNJ. MazzitelliAbstract
21.03.24WHGA/001Tomas BrageWhat does Physics have to do with Gender?University of LundM. SpiraAbstract
11.04.24  CANCELED   
18.04.24OSGA/EG06Saverio PascazioQuantum Zeno EffectUniversity of BariM. RoccoAbstract
25.04.24WHGA/001Piet SchmidtHighly Charged Ion Optical Clocks to Test Fundamental PhysicsPTB, University of HannoverM. SpiraAbstract
02.05.24OSGA/EG06Misha GorshteynCabibbo Angle Anomaly: Status and OutlookJGU MainzJ. MazzitelliAbstract
16.05.24WHGA/001Marina MarinkovicSimulating strong and electromagnetic Interaction at ScaleETH ZürichM. SpiraAbstract
23.05.24WBGB/019Kjeld Eikema'Extreme' Spectroscopy on Helium and Helium IonsUniversity of AmsterdamM. SpiraAbstract