Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
22.09.22 OSGA/EG06 Patrick Tschopp Gene Regulation in the Context of EvoDevo U. Basel M. Rocco Abstract
29.09.22 WBGB/019   no colloquium      
06.10.22 WHGA/001 Fernanda Rimini The JET D-T Campaign: Technology Impact and Physics Results (pdf) CCFE-UKAEA M. Rocco Abstract
13.10.22 WHGA/001 Peter Krüger Measuring small magnetic Fields with atomic Gases - Techniques and Applications PTB Berlin M. Rocco Abstract
27.10.22 OFLG/402 Remo Schäppi Fuel from Sunlight and Air - Demonstration of the Thermochemical Pathway ETHZ M. Zoller Abstract
03.11.22 WBGB/019 Cristina Müller Strategies to Improve Radiotheragnostic Concepts:
Ligand Design Optimization and Application of the "Next-Generation" Radionuclides
ETHZ/PSI M. Spira Abstract
10.11.22 online Ruth Pöttgen Search for light Dark Matter at Accelerators U. Lund M. Rocco Abstract
17.11.22 WBGB/019 Erich Fischer Understanding and Quantifying very rare Extremes ETHZ M. Zoller Abstract
24.11.22 WBGB/019 Arnaud Ferrari The Higgs Boson Self-Interaction at the LHC (and beyond) Uppsala M. Spira Abstract
01.12.22 online Michael Douglas How will we do Mathematics in 2030? Stony Brook University M. Zoller Abstract
08.12.22 WBGB/019 Konstantin Batygin Planet Nine from Outer Space Caltech M. Spira Abstract
15.12.22 WBGB/019 Marc Vanderhaeghen Precision Low-Energy hadronic Physics U. Mainz M. Zoller Abstract