Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
25.02.21 online M. Jung Electric Dipole Moments and the Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model Torino University E. Bagnaschi Abstract
04.03.21 online J. Lorenz Close the Gaps! - Recent Highlights in Searches for Supersymmetry with the ATLAS Detector LMU Munich E. Bagnaschi Abstract
11.03.21 online M. Stampanoni The fascinating Evolution of coherent X-ray Imaging: from complex Applications at Synchrotron Sources to early Detection of Breast Cancer in Hospitals ETHZ/PSI P. Banerjee Abstract
18.03.21 online Y. Stadnik Searches for ultra-low-Mass Dark Matter IPMU U. Tokyo M. Spira Abstract
25.03.21 online S. Guellati-Khélifa New measurements of the fine-structure constant LKB/Sorbonne P. Banerjee/Aldo Antognini Abstract
15.04.21 online       E. Bagnaschi Abstract
22.04.21 online J. Kopp Is the Wimp dead? CERN/Mainz E. Bagnaschi Abstract
29.04.21 online N. Berger Physics at MESA in Mainz Mainz University M. Spira/Klaus Kirch Abstract
06.05.21 online M. Boscolo LEMMA/Muon collider LNF/CERN E. Bagnaschi Abstract
20.05.21 online         Abstract
27.05.21 online N. Altobelli JUICE ESA M. Spira Abstract