Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
24.02.22 online Claus Beisbart Too beautiful to be true? ‒ How Considerations of Beauty may have a Point in Science U. Bern M. Spira Abstract
03.03.22 online Caroline Dorn Hidden Water Reservoirs in Magma Ocean Exoplanets UZH, NCCR PlanetS A. Coutinho Abstract
10.03.22 online John Crawford Can the Graveyard Spiral be Tamed? (recording) PSI M. Spira Abstract
17.03.22 online Andreas Ringwald QCD Axion Dark Matter in Reach of Nucleon Electric Dipole Moment Experiments?  (recording) DESY Hamburg M. Spira Abstract
24.03.22 online Stephan Malbrunot-Ettenauer Novel Ion-Trap Techniques for Precision Studies of exotic Radionuclides and radioactive Molecules CERN & TRIUMF & U. Toronto J. Schlenk Abstract
31.03.22 online Franz Muheim Highlights and Prospects from the LHCb Experiment U. Edinburgh J. Schlenk Abstract
07.04.22 online Susanne Wampfler On the Hunt for the Cause of the solar System's stable Isotope Anomalies U. Bern J. Schlenk Abstract
28.04.22 online Oliver Stelzer-Chilton

Searching in (the) dark and new directions

News from the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider

Triumf M. Spira Abstract
05.05.22 online Giulio D'Agostini Probability, Uncertainty in Physics, and Bayesian Inference U. Sapienza Roma A. Coutinho Abstract
12.05.22 online Daniel Winklehner High-Current H2+ Compact Cyclotrons — for Particle Physics and Beyond MIT A. Coutinho Abstract
19.05.22 online Fabio Costa Self-consistent Dynamics along closed time-like Curves: How to shoot your Past self and get away with it (pptx) U. Queensland A. Coutinho Abstract
02.06.22 online Emily Cardarelli From the Rocks to the Regolith of Jezero Crater: The first 300 Sols on the Mars 2020 Rover and the organic Preservation Potential of the Séítah FM JPL Nasa J. Schlenk Abstract