Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
20.02.20 WHGA/001 B. Nelson Microrobotics and Nanomedicine: Future Directions in Medical Robotics ETHZ E. Bagnaschi Abstract
27.02.20 WHGA/001 S. Bacca Nuclear Structure Corrections in Muonic Atoms Mainz University E. Bagnaschi Abstract
05.03.20 WHGA/001 B. Kilminster Probing 10 Orders of Magnitude of Dark Matter Mass using CCDs UZH M. Spira Abstract
12.03.20 WHGA/001 S. Antusch Neutrinos Basel University E. Bagnaschi Abstract
19.03.20 WHGA/001          
26.03.20 OSGA/EG06 M. Hama NCCS activity and Swiss climate scenarios NCCS E. Bagnaschi Abstract
02.04.20 OSGA/EG06         Abstract
23.04.20 WHGA/001 N. Neri Unstable particle EDM/MDM @ LHCb searches with bent crystals Milano University P. Banerjee Abstract
30.04.20 WHGA/001 F. Merkt Quantum chemistry ETHZ P. Banerjee Abstract
07.05.20 WBGB/019 M. Boscolo  High-Energy Muon Collider LNF E. Bagnaschi Abstract
14.05.20 WHGA/001 J. Lorenz ATLAS and latest SUSY results LMU E. Bagnaschi Abstract
28.05.20 WHGA/001         Abstract