Beam time requests

The PSI secondary beam lines are available for external users. The use of those beam lines is coordinated at the users' meetings (Benützerversammlung, BV), which takes place usually each February at PSI. The users' meetings are chaired by the president of the Research Committee and open to the PSI users community. In the meetings new proposals are presented and discussed, and beam time distributions are worked out.

Current Coronavirus Situation

October 5th, 2020

Due to the delay of the restart of the PSI high intensity proton accelerator (HIPA), all groups which got assigned beam time in 2020 at PSI have been contacted to update their requests. A modified schedule has been worked out and confirmed by our scientific advisory committee and can be found here.

For all experiments foreign travel restrictions and entry requirements into Switzerland need to be carefully considered. 

Stefan Ritt, Beam Time Coordinator