Particle Theory Seminars

The particle theory seminars are organized by the Theory Group of the Laboratory for Particle Physics (LTP) at PSI.

The next seminar takes place on Thursday, 4.7.2024, at 11:15 in OSGA/EG6b

Speaker:  Anders Eller Thomsen (ITP, AEC, University of Bern)

Title: Gauge-Fixing in EFT Matching Calculations


EFT matching for new physics beyond the SM relies on a partial cancellation between loops in the EFT and loops in the UV model. A proof of this cancellation has been established in non-gauge theories; however, the proof does not immediately generalize to theories with gauge symmetries such as might be found in realistic BSM models. I will discuss how to complete the proof for gauge theories using the background field gauge, showing that the usual methods are valid. The results do not seem to generalize to situations involving spontaneous symmetry breaking, potentially posing a calculational challenge in such scenario. As a remedy to this issue, I present a partially fixed background field gauge exhibiting the desired cancellation between UV and EFT loops.

28.04.22A. ShindlerUnravelling Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry in the UniverseMichigan State UniversityThursday, 10:00
29.06.21T. PlehnGlobal SMEFT Analyses for the LHCU. HeidelbergTuesday, 17:00
01.06.21N. SchärAutomation of NNLO Amplitude Construction in OpenLoopsPSITuesday, 17:00
27.04.21L. VernazzaOn the factorization of scattering processes near threshold at next-to-leading powerU. TorinoTuesday, 17:00
13.04.21M. SpiraHiggs Boson Production and Decay at Hadron CollidersPSITuesday, 17:00
02.12.20P. MonniParton showers beyond logarithmic accuracyCERNWednesday 11:30
20.11.20M. GrazziniDifferential predictions for ttbar at NNLOUniversity of ZürichFriday 11:30
21.10.20G. StagnittoThe partonic structure of the electron at the next-to-leading logarithmic accuracy in QEDUniversity of ZürichWednesday 11:30
30.09.20M. RiembauEFT anomalous dimensions from the S-matrixUniversity of Genève/EPFLWednesday 11:30
13.02.20L. VernazzaHadronic B DecaysINFN TorinoThursday 16:00, WHGA/U129
21.01.20M. SchreckQuantum gravity phenomenology: Testing CPT- and Lorentz invarianceUniversidade Federal do MaranhaoTuesday 15:00, WHGA/001
29.10.19P. TorrielliInfrared subtraction and factorisation beyond NLO in QCDUniversity of TurinTuesday 14:00, WBGB/021
10.04.18O. TomalakTwo-photon exchange corrections to elastic lepton-proton scattering and atomic spectroscopyUniversity of MainzTuesday 11:30, WBGB/020
14.03.18N. MichelHyperfine structure of heavy muonic atomsMPI for Nuclear Physics HeidelbergWednesday 14:00, WHGA/121
04.12.17J. HeeckNew Perspectives on Lepton Flavor ViolationUniversité Libre de BruxellesMonday 14:00, WBGB/020
24.10.17M. SpiraHiggs Boson Decay and Production at Hadron CollidersPSITuesday 15:00, WBGB/020
04.10.17M. ZollerA new method for one-loop amplitude generation and reduction in OpenLoopsZurich UniversityWednesday 11:30, WBGB/020
22.09.17L. CalibbiTwo ways of connecting flavour to Dark Matter: flavour portals and axiflavonITP BeijingFriday 15:00, WHGA/121
07.09.17R. MandalRare B decays and new physicsIMS ChennaiThursday 15:00, WHGA/121
11.07.17M. BlankeSimplified models of quark-flavoured dark matter beyond MFVITP KarlsruheTuesday 15:00, WHGA/121
12.06.17C. FrugiueleAtomic probes of new physicsWeizmann Inst.Monday 16:00, WBWA/210
26.01.17D. StöckingerHiggs boson mass: the quest for precise predictions in SUSY modelsTU DresdenThursday 11:30, WBGB/021
16.12.16T. GeibConversion of Bound Muons: Lepton Flavour and Number ViolationMPI MunichFriday 11:00, WHGA/121
28.11.16O. FischerTesting the origin of neutrino masses at future high-energy collidersBaselMonday 11:00, WBGB/21
14.11.16A. GreljoR(D*) anomaly and its implications for LHCUZHMonday 11:00, WHGA/121
19.11.14G. LuisoniNLO Computations with GoSam: from LHC to muon decayMPI MunichWednesday 10:30, WBGB/020
11.02.14C. JiNuclear polarization effects in muonic atomsTRIUMFTuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
03.12.13M. PrunaThe impact of dimension 6 effective vertices in LFV muonic transitionsPSITuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
26.11.13T. RobensHiggs Singlet extension in the light of the LHC discoveryTU DresdenTuesday 11:30, WBGB/021
15.10.13R. GröberVector-like fermions in Composite Higgs ModelsITP KarlsruheThursday 11:30, WBGB/020
17.09.13J. DiazLorentz symmetry breaking: phenomenology and experimentsIndianaTuesday 11:30, WBGB/019
30.07.13M. PospelovLow-energy constraints on muon and tau neutral current parity-violating processesPerimeterTuesday 11:30, WBGB/019
13.12.12S. PlätzerMatching, merging and all thatDESYThursday 11:30, WBGB/021
06.12.12A. CarmonaNew Production Mechanism for Composite Higgs at the LHCETHZThursday 11:30, WBGB/021
22.10.12E. PopendaKorrekturen nächst-führender Ordnung in supersymmetrischer QCD zur Squark-Paarproduktion am LHCKarlsruhe/PSIMonday 14:30, WBGB/021
11.09.12L. HosekovaCorrections to the Production of Two Leptons Pairs via Vector-Boson Fusion at LHCValenciaTuesday 11:30, WBGA/B16