Schedule of the LTP/PSI Thursday Colloquia

Date Location Speaker Title Institute Host Abstract
21.02.19 WHGA/001 S. Stellmer Towards a Measurement of the Mercury EDM using ultracold Atoms Bonn University P. Banerjee/P. Schmidt-Wellenburg Abstract
28.02.19 WBGB/019 A. Franckowiak Multi-messenger Astronomy with IceCube Neutrinos DESY Zeuthen E. Bagnaschi Abstract
07.03.19 WHGA/001 M. Neubert Probing beyond the Standard Model with Flavor Physics Mainz University M. Spira Abstract
14.03.19 WHGA/001 B. Jeckelmann A Milestone in the Evolution of the International System of Units METAS M. Spira Abstract
21.03.19 WHGA/001 J. Fröhlich Demystifying Quantum Mechanics: The "ETH Approach" ETHZ M. Spira Abstract
28.03.19 WHGA/001 G. Venanzoni The MUonE Experiment: A Novel Way To Measure The Leading Order Hadronic Contribution To The Muon g-2 INFN Pisa E. Bagnaschi Abstract
04.04.19 WHGA/001          
11.04.19 WHGA/001 T. Udem Challenging QED with atomic Hydrogen MPQ Garching E. Bagnaschi Abstract
02.05.19 WHGA/001 C. Regenfus Argon dark matter experiment CERN P. Banerjee Abstract
09.05.19 WBGB/019         Abstract
16.05.19 WBGB/019 D. Lunney nuclear mass with linear Pauli traps Orsay E. Bagnaschi Abstract
23.05.19 OSGA/E06 L. Rivkin Future Colliders PSI & EPFL M. Spira Abstract