Battery Materials and Diagnostics

Our goal is to develop novel materials and to improve existing materials for Li-ion, Li-S, and exotic (Na, Mg, Ca, etc...) batteries. We apply different synthetic routes, such as sol-gel chemistry, mechanosynthesis, solid state synthesis under various controlled atmospheres, and microwave synthesis to control the morphology and obtained the most promising electrochemical performances of a dedicated systems. Recently we started to work in all-solid-state batteries with the development of solid electrolytes based on perovskite materials and integrated them into microbatteries using thin films technology in collaboration with Prof. T. Lippert group The Thin Films and Interfaces Group

In the meantime, we elucidate the electrochemical reaction mechanisms of battery systems by applying advanced operando techniques. We have developed many electrochemical cells for the purpose of X-ray diffraction (in house and in synchrotron beamline), neutron diffraction, X-ray absorption, X-ray tomography etc.... Our cells are able to sustain many cycles (not only at room temperature) and then we can gain knowledge in aging mechanisms of battery systems (half-cell or full-cells, lab scale or commercial batteries). We also look at post mortem morphology and aging mechanisms of the cells components by using SEM, STEM, Cross-section devices and FIB/SEM and coupling them with a deep surface analysis using X-ray photoemission spectroscopy.

  • Development of alloy/conversion type negative electrodes for Li-ion batteries, exotic batteries (Na, Mg, Ca, K)
  • Development of novel positive electrodes based on different chemistries
  • Model electrode materials (without binder/conductive agent)
  • All-solid-state batteries and thin film batteries
  • Understanding of reaction mechanisms of batteries using advanced operando techniques (X-ray diffraction, Neutron diffraction, X-ray absorption, etc...)
  • Operando techniques on special cells for X-ray diffraction (under temperature), Neutron diffraction, X-ray Absorption etc...
  • Synthesis routes (sol-gel chemistry, mechanosynthesis, solid state synthesis under various controlled atmospheres etc...)
  • Biowaste lignin-based carbonaceous materials as anodes for Na-Ion batteries C. Marino, J. Cabanero, M. Povia, C. Villevieille
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    DOI: 10.1149/2.0681807jesOG-5411 , OG-5423
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    DOI: 10.3390/batteries4040066OG-5411
  • Co-Free P2–Na0.67Mn0.6Fe0.25Al0.15O2 as promising cathode material for Sodium-Ion batteries E. Marelli, C. Villevieille, S. Park, N. Hérault, C. Marino
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  • Phosphorus anionic redox activity revealed by operando P K-edge X-ray absorption spectroscopy on diphosphonate-based conversion materials in Li-ion batteries S. Schmidt, S. Sallard, C. Borca. T. Huthwelker, P. Novák, C. Villevieille
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  • Monitoring the chemical and electronic properties of electrolyte-electrode interfaces in all-solid-state batteries using operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy X. Wu, C. Villevieille, P. Novák, M. El Kazzi
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  • SnO2 model electrode cycled in Li-ion battery reveals the formation of Li2SnO3 and Li8SnO6 phases through conversion reactions G. Ferraresi, C. Villevieille, I. Czekaj, M. Horisberger, P. Novák, M. El Kazzi
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  • Do imaging techniques add real value to the development of better post-Li-ion batteries? J. Conder, C. Marino, P. Novák, C. Villevieille
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  • Crystal structure evolution via operando neutron diffraction during long-term cycling of a customized 5 V full Li-ion cylindrical cell LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4vs. graphite L. Boulet-Roblin, D. Sheptyakov, P. Borel, C. Tessier, P. Novák, C. Villevieille
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  • Interface and safety properties of phosphorus-based negative electrodes in Li-ion batteries C. Marino, M. El Kazzi, E.J. Berg, M. He, C. Villevieille
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