Battery Materials and Diagnostics Group

Our first goal is to develop novel materials and to improve existing materials for Li/Na-ion batteries. We apply different synthetic routes, such as sol-gel chemistry, mechano-synthesis, solid-state synthesis under various controlled atmospheres, and microwave synthesis to control the morphology and to obtain the most promising electrochemical performances of the investigated systems. We have also the capability of realizing thin film growth of solid electrolyte, cathode and anode materials for applications e.g. in micro-batteries or to be used as model electrodes. The thin films growth are performed in our UHV cluster connected to the XPS spectrometer and equipped with RF sputtering, e-gun evaporators under various gas atmosphere.

Our second goal is to elucidate the electrochemical reaction mechanisms by applying post mortem or operando measurements by combining a wide range of techniques in-house or at big facilities dedicated to surface and bulk characterization. We have developed electrochemical cells for liquid-based and all-solid-state batteries for operando X-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS in transmission, TEY and TFY modes), X-ray tomography, X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (XPEEM), X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) etc. Many of our activities are supported by our industrial partners.

The BMD group offers the opportunity to conduct thesis and semester projects in the field of Li-ion all-solid-state batteries and their bulk and surface in-situ/operando characterization. Currently available research topics focus on surface modifications of the electrode-electrolyte interface to enhance battery performance, "thin Li metal" or "Li-reservoir free" anodes applications and the study of chemo-mechanical phenomena at the battery interfaces.

In particular we offer a master thesis project on operando X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to study the electrode-electrolyte interface during battery operation. In the frame of such project you will learn how to build all-solid-state batteries and evaluate their electrochemical performance in regard of their degradation phenomena. You will learn how to characterize solid-solid interfaces by XPS and complement your findings by SEM, EDX, ion-milling and XRD. Moreover, you will learn how to work in an electrochemistry laboratory and how to operate on an Argon filled glovebox.

We encourage bachelor and master students who are interested in conducting their thesis or semester project in our lab to contact our postdoctoral researcher Valerie Siller via email:

Please provide a C.V. and a short description of your motivation for this application, desired period of time and briefly state your current experience of working in a laboratory or with any of the techniques mentioned above (if applicable).

PhD students and Postdocs

  • Dr. Tian Liu, 2021-2023 - IVECO Group Switzerland
  • Dr. Santhosha Aggunda Lingamurthy, 2022 - SAFT, France
  • Dr. Ales Stefancic, 2019-2021 - Belenos, Switzerland
  • Dr. Steven Lacey, 2019-2021 - Postdoc at Huntsman Advanced Materials - Switzerland
  • Dr. Juliana Bruneli Falqueto, 2020-2021 - Postdoc at Paul Scherrer institute, Switzerland
  • Dr. Laura Höltschi, 2016-2021 - Leclanché 
  • Dr. Marta Mirolo, 2016-2020 - Postdoc at ESRF - ID31, Grenoble France
  • Dr. Xiaohan Wu, 2016-2019 - Porsche consulting, Germany
  • Dr. Daniela Leanza, 2015-2018 - R&D Battery Engineer at Sonova group, Switzerland
  • Dr. Giulio Ferraresi, 2014-2018 - Hilti, Liechtenstein

Master/Semester Students and Visitors

  • Robin Wullich, 2022 - ETH-Zurich
  • Ernesto Claure Ramirez, 2022 - Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
  • Adil Baiju, 2022 - ETH-Zurich
  • Bowen Li, 2022 - Technology University of Denmark-DTU
  • Joel Handschin, 2021 - ETH-Zurich
  • Moritz Bohn, 2020 - Technical University Munich (TUM)
  • Gabriel Quintans, 2020 - IAESTE, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 
  • Keisuke Morita, 2019 - Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
  • Nick Seiller, 2018 
  • Dr. Alice Judith Gillen, 2014 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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