Services for External Clients

Are you not affiliated with PSI, but want to benefit from our career-related services? The PSI Career Center offers the following services to external clients, subject to availability. Note that the PSI Career Center has no influence on hiring decisions at PSI, and our services do not guarantee success of your applications.  

Standard Career Counseling

One-hour counseling session to discuss your career or application strategy, on-site at PSI or online.

Price: 200 CHF

Career Counseling & Feedback on Application Documents

You receive individual feedback on your application documents and can discuss your application strategy during a one-hour counseling session, on-site at PSI, or online. Please send the job advertisement and your application documents at least 24 hours before the session.  

Price: 250 CHF

Career Counseling & Personality Assessment

In addition to discussing your career-related questions during a one-hour counseling session, you receive in-depth feedback on your personality based on the BIP, Business-focused Inventory of Personality. The counseling and feedback conversation are on-site at PSI or online; the personality questionnaire can be filled in anywhere with an internet connection and takes ca. 45 minutes.

Price: 800 CHF