Information for SmuS users

Because of the present Coronavirus situation, preparations for the startup of the proton accelerator HIPA are suspended since March 16. At that point in time, there were still about 8 weeks to finalize the shutdown work. We cannot make any predictions when a return to a normal operating mode at PSI will be possible. 

Therefore, we need to put on hold the entire experimental program, scheduled from May to September.

For now, we cannot make definite statements about the start of the users program, and for which time the approved experiments will be scheduled. We will provide updated information whenever possible, at the earliest end of April.

A final decision concerning the opening or canceling of the  2nd call 2/2020 for SμS experiments for the period October-December will be communicated in due time. We regret this decision, but there is no other way under the present circumstances and we hope for your understanding.