Updated information flyer: user operation during COVID-19 period

PSI has updated the information and guidelines for our users that apply during the COVID-19 pandemic period according to the obligation for our users to present a certificate of a negative PCR or rapid antigen test.

A full COVID-19 vaccination with the last dose received at least two weeks earlier than your arrival date at PSI as well as a full recovery from COVID-19 replaces a negative test. The vaccination/recovery must be certified by an official document (either on paper or electronically), detailed info.

The negative test certificate does not excempt anybody from following all other safety and hygiene guidelines. Masks are required for close working conditions (<1.5 m separation) and at the beamlines/instruments depending on the room size and number of people. The flyer will help you to plan your stay at PSI and to keep the necessary rules. 

Please download the flyer here.