ESUO questionnaire on impacts of absence of TNA funding

With the end of the CALIPSOplus programme last October TransNational Access (TNA) funding to access synchrotron and FEL facilities, paying travel and accommodation costs for one or more members on a beamtime, has finished and, at present, there is no direct replacement by the European Commission in the form of a general access programme that would continue to provide TNA to all researchers from across Europe no matter the topic.

In this regard, we strongly recommend to complete the questionnaire "Possible impacts of the absence of TransNational Access (TNA) funding for the user community" before the end of March. This is an initiative of ESUO, the European Synchrotron and FEL User Organisation in cooperation with LEAPS (League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources). 

The outcome of this questionnaire will empower ESUO to continue advocating both to the European Commission and to the National Funding Agencies for TNA funding for all science topics and for all scientists.