Techno-economic Comparison of Ultimate Disposal Facilities for CO2 and Nuclear Waste

The Technology Assessment group takes part in the IAEA Coordinated Research Project I12004. The TA group contributes a comparative assessment of nuclear and fossil electricity generation technologies addressing the disposal of CO2 (i.e. carbon capture and storage, CCS) and nuclear wastes (NW). The methodological approach builds upon the integrated framework for the comprehensive assessment of energy systems developed by the Laboratory for Energy Systems Analysis at PSI. For the current project specific elements of this framework will be used, including project-specific developments and/or adjustments in necessary cases. In the first project phase the definition of the set of criteria and indicators for the assessment of selected CCS & NW concepts is performed. In the second phase, the specified indicators are estimated and subsequently subjected to comparative evaluation. These results could then provide an essential contribution to decision-making processes and the formulation of energy policies.