Name Description
Akula Akula is a library for global sensitivity analysis of large semi- and nonlinear systems, with an emphasis on iterative screening and progressively more complex algorithms as the number of possibly influential parameters is reduced. It is compatible with the Brightway life cycle assessment framework, and allows for the addition of correlated uncertainties into databases such as ecoinvent.
Brightway Brightway is a modular open source framework for life cycle assessment (LCA). 
carculator carculator calculates the complete environmental impacts of passenger cars during production, operation and disposal.
CIAO Tool The Composite Indicator Analysis and Optimization (CIAO) tool is an automated Matlab menu-version for the advanced assessment of Composite Indicators (CIs).
ENSAD The ENergy-related Severe Accident Database (ENSAD) collects accidents in the energy sector that occurred in various energy chains since 1970, taking a worldwide and full-chain perspective.  
MCDA Index Tool The MCDA Index Tool is a web software that provides a practical and straightforward guide for the construction of indices and rankings. 
MightyMCDA MightyMCDA is an online tool that allows to design a own MCDA problem.
Premise Premise is a tool to generate prospective life cycle assessment (pLCA) databases.
sMCDA Tool sMCDA Tool is a Shiny app for spatial Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis problems.