Sample Changer


TELL sample changer

Compatible with Unipucks only


  • TELL sample changer
    • Large dewar capacity of 30 Unipucks (20 at X06DA-PXIII)
    • Current sample exchange time of 24 s at X06SA-PXI, 35 s at X10SA-PXII, 35 s at X06DA-PXIII
  • Samples must be shipped in Unipucks with datamatrix for remote operation
    • Unipucks with datamatrix can be purchased from Mitegen or Molecular Dimensions (etching upon request)
    • Pucks datamatrix specifications can be found here
    • We provide puck etching of your pucks (within a week), please provide your local contact or the responsible beamline scientist with the following information:
      • How many Unipucks?
      • Can the Unipucks be kept after measurements, i.e. can the crystals be thawed?
      • Is it urgent? Up to 15 Unipucks will take about 1 week (excluding shipping)
  • The TELL sample changer is only compatible with SPINE standard pins (see below)
  • The use of the spreadsheet with sample information is mandatory with TELL


Appropriate pins are:

Please avoid putting stickers at the base of the magnetic bases which reduces the magnet strength.