Local Contact support for spectroscopy measurements

The spectroscopy measurement time at beamline X10SA is provided within the MX group in-house research shifts.
The basic local contact support our users receive is similar to the support for measurements at the MX Beamlines. For combined diffraction / UV/Vis absorption experiments, users will get an introduction to the experiment, the instrumentation and the control software. The experiments then will be conducted by the users themselves. Publications resulting from results obtained during these measurements should cite the publication in the reference section below.
For more elaborate UV/Vis absorption experiments, and for fluorescence or Raman or Resonance Raman measurements, users will receive extensive support by the MX Spectrolab staff during the whole shift, with the MX staff conducting most of the measurements. Please be aware that in this case an agreement about a possible co-authorship in publications resulting from the measurements at the MX Spectrolab is expected to be reached prior to the experiments.
  • Pompidor, G., F.S.N. Dworkowski, et al. (2013). "A new on-axis micro-spectrophotometer for combining Raman, fluorescence and UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy with macromolecular crystallography at the Swiss Light Source." Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 20(5): 765-776. DOI:10.1107/S0909049513016063