Remote Operation

As a user of the SLS Macromolecular Crystallography beamlines you have the option of shipping your samples to our beamlines and to carry out the experiments from your home institution by connecting to our console remotely via an NX session.

Follow the steps in:
Everything below assumes you have already received your {psi_account}
  • a phone number must be communicated to your local contact prior to the beamtime
    • the local contact must be able to call the person carrying out the experiment at all times
    • in case the local contact finds the beamline unattended in an unexpected state and he/she cannot reach the remote user via telephone then the beamline will be disabled until the remote users contacts the local contact
  • a monitor supporting at least 1920x1200 resolution, we strongly suggest 3840x2160 resolution

  • you need a reasonably fast internet connection

    • the connection speed should tested if you are really far
    • for people in Europe there should be no problems
  • IMPORTANT test your connection ahead of time

Your beamtime

  • Your local contact will call you when the beamline is ready for you to connect
  • Communicate with your local contact to ensure all pucks go into the appropriate dewar positions