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Particle-physics results of lasting value and significant impact have been obtained at PSI over the past decades, and several efforts are presently ongoing and expected to deliver new findings in the near future. The results of these studies have been published in numerous articles and journals over the years, and many have found their way into the Particle Data Group review. However, in order to collect the scientific output of particle physics experiments at PSI's high-intensity beams of pions, muons and ultracold neutrons in one place, a specialSciPost volume, entitled “Review of Particle Physics at PSI”, has recently been completed, containing also a description of the facilities. Ideas for future facility upgrades or completely new experimental efforts are not yet included, but there are plans to extend this volume in the years to come.


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C. Hoffman, K. Kirch, A. Signer (eds) SciPost Phys. Proc. 5, 001–031 (2021)

doi: 10.21468/SciPostPhysProc.5

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