LNQ Kick-off

On April 11th, we had the opportunity to celebrate the kick-off meeting of the new Laboratory of Nano and Quantum Technologies (LNQ), and many had the chance to meet their new colleagues for the first time. Presently, our lab joins together two cleanroom-technology focused groups, Nanotechnology led by Dr. Vitaliy Guzenko and Advanced Nanomanufacturing by Dr. Helmut Schift, respectively, with groups focusing on three different technology platforms in quantum computing. These are Ion trap Quantum Computing led by Dr. Cornelius Hempel, Superconducting Quantum Circuits that is an extension of Prof. Andreas Wallraff's activities at ETHZ, and Neutral Atoms Quantum Engineering, which will be led by Prof. Wenchao Xu joining in August.

We were very pleased that both Prof. Andreas Wallraff (Superconducting Quantum Circuits) and Prof Jonathan Home (Ion trap Quantum Computing) from ETHZ could join the kick-off meeting together with those group members associated with the PSI location.

We all look forward to doing great research together and to exciting times ahead.