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2 February 2023

More light in the darkness

Large Research Facilities Particle physics IMPACT

At PSI, researchers want to fill the missing gaps in the Standard Model of particle physics with the help of the large research facilities.

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19 December 2022

A two-part upgrade for the proton accelerator

Large Research Facilities Medical Science Particle physics Research with muons Radiopharmacy IMPACT

A two-part upgrade is planned for HIPA from 2025 to 2028. Preparations are already under way.

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28 November 2022
Crivelli and Prokscha

Making sense of the muon’s misdemeanours

An exotic atom called muonium could explain why muons won’t stick to the rules, believe researchers using the Swiss Muon Source at Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

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10 August 2022

IMPACT on track

IMPACT was awarded the highest ranking in the SNSF evaluation.

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18 January 2022

Update on the Status of HIMB

A workshop to discuss and further develop the science case for the High Intensity Muon Beams (HIMB) has been held.


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21 December 2021
Cristina Müller and Nick van der Meulen

Terbium Triumph

Bench-to-bedside successes: Fruitful collaborations at PSI’s Center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences make bringing Terbium-161 to the clinic a reality.

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