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SwissNeutronics AG

In 1999 SwissNeutronics AG was founded as a spin-off company of the Paul-Scherrer-Institute (Switzerland) with the dedication to develop and fabricate neutron guides and optics. SwissNeutronics owns a profound expertise in the neutronic/engineering design, fabrication and installation of neutron optics and of complete beam lines. All products are developed and produced at the premises in Klingnau. Neutron tests of the products are performed at the beam line NARZISS at SINQ, PSI, built and operated together with the PSI. The technicians of SwissNeutronics install optics for neutron beam lines at all large neutron research laboratories worldwide using most modern 3d metrology instruments. SwissNeutronics provides the capabilities in the fields of precision machining of glass, silicone, and metals, thin film deposition and 3d metrology also to Swiss industry.
SwissNeutronics AG and the PSI have a common mission for the continuous development of neutron optics. In close collaborations new concepts are evaluated and tested. SwissNeutronics is a strong partner to assist the PSI in the R&D for their own facilities as well as for the involvements of the PSI in international projects, e.g. the new European Spallation Source.
Prof. Dr. Peter Böni. CEO, SwissNeutronics AG, Klingnau