Welcome to the ETHZ-PSI Quantum Computing Hub

Superconducting circuit and trapped ion quantum computiung hardware (Images: ETH Zurich/Quantum Device Lab, Heidi Hostettler, Karan Mehta)

The ETHZ-PSI Quantum Computing Hub is a research facility jointly operated by ETH Zürich and the Paul Scherrer Institut, bringing together the two leading technologies for quantum computing under one roof at a large-scale national laboratory.

The hub builds on the extensive experience at the Quantum Devices Laboratory (QDev) and the Trapped Ion Quantum Information group (TIQI) at ETH Zürich and combines it with the broad expertise and resources available at PSI to serve our core mission:

  • Scaling up to larger scale systems of tens of qubits,
  • Advancing materials and control, and
  • Exploiting the synergies across technologies and the software stack.

Contact: qchub@psi.ch