LAP includes two main large research facility projects.
Element of the vacuum chambers and magnet lattice of a DLSR
The SLS will undergo a major upgrade in 2023/2024, in which the present storage ring will be replaced by a diffraction-limited storage ring (DLSR) based on multibend achromats. This will reduce the electron-beam horizontal emittance by a factor of approximately 40, resulting in a corresponding increase in photon-beam brilliance and coherent fraction. Other advances along the technological chain, including dramatic improvements in the quality of undulator spectra, are likely to result in over three orders of magnitude improvements in some experimental techniques.

Athos Experimental Hutch
The SwissFEL ATHOS soft X-ray XFEL (240 - 1930 eV) extend the capabilities of SwissFEL to dynamic soft X-ray spectroscopy and hence to the detailed study of functional molecules and materials. A further extension of capabilities offered by ATHOS over those at ARAMIS will be the ability to control the X-ray polarization and the longitudinal coherence, allowing one, e.g., to produce approximately Fourier transformed limited pulses and to generate ultrashort double pulses, with variable wavelengths, polarizations and inter-pulse delay. This ability will be particularly useful for the application of ATHOS pulses in the field of atomic, molecular, and optical physics (AMO), condensed matter, and non-linear x-ray science. Direct beneficiaries of the ATHOS will be the chemical, materials and biological development programs at PSI, but also at Swiss universities and in international academic and industrial research laboratories. The Athos soft x-ray FEL branch is in the early phase of construction and should provide first FEL light in 2020.

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