Dr. Ezequiel Panepucci

Ezequiel (Zac) Panepucci
May 2022 photo of Ezequiel outside the SLS with the Innovare Park in the back.
Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

The second of four sons, Ezequiel grew up in Brazil often amusing himself at his dad's NMR laboratory at the Physics and Chemistry Institute at the University of São Paulo from where he would eventually graduate with a Chemistry degree. Ezequiel went on to carry out a PhD with Prof. Glaucius Oliva co-directed with Dr. Jorge Navaza. After completing his PhD, Ezequiel continued his career as a Scientific Software developer and Systems Administrator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute laboratory of Prof. Axel Brunger at Yale University which later ended up relocating to Stanford University. Yearning for a different challenge Ezequiel moved to Paris to work as post-doctoral fellow at the group of Dr. Pedro Alzari at the Pasteur Institute. It was at the Pasteur Institute that Ezequiel came to learn about the outstanding protein crystallography beamlines at the Swiss Light Source and as life would have it, this came to be the place where Ezequiel would find his true calling as a software developer for the Macromolecular Crystallography beamlines. To this day Ezequiel (also known as Zac) can be seen scooting around from beamline to beamline to ensure our guest scientists have a productive and pleasant experience while carrying out bleeding edge research.

  • development of data acquisition software
  • development of the user interface for our data acquisition software
  • user support; making sure our users have a productive and satisfying experience at our beamlines