Rosaria Pileci was one out of four scientific speakers at EYE2018

A glimpse of the plenary room of the European Parliament

In early June 2018 Strasbourg was colored by the enthusiasm and spirit of 8000 young people from all over the world for EYE2018. The European Youth Event (EYE) is an event initiated and hosted by the European Parliament since 2014 with the aim of moving the young people closer to the European Community taking part in discussions about topical issues with decision-makers.

Rosaria Pileci, a PhD student in the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry (LAC) at Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland, was among them. She participated as a member of the Italian Climate Network (ICN) in the Youth for Climate Ambition Delegation, a multicultural group of 20 young people with 15 different nationalities headed by a representative of Climate Action Network Europe (CAN). An assorted group with different backgrounds but with a common aim: climate action. She was one out of only four young scientists that were allowed to present their research field. She presented Aerosol Research in a very didactic way, explaining the huge impact these tiny particles have both on climate and human health.

Rosaria Pileci thus pointed out to policy makers how to take advantage of science to legislate on important topics such as climate change and air pollution. Only a strict collaboration between scientists and policy makers can face the environmental challenges of the future.