Important information !

  • Audiovisual contact with one or more remote participants in real time
  • No travel costs
  • Application data sharing / collaboration in real time
  • Emotional and cultural subtleties are clearer through observing body language, reaction of participants, absence or presence of key persons
  • Demonstrations / live experiments are possible
  • Saves time by holding a presentation for multiple locations instead of several presentations.


The Cisco MX 300 system is installed in the meeting room OHSA/B19. Features include:
  • 55 Inch monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • HD camera with 4 x optical zoom
  • Cisco TelePresence Touch interface for easy operation
  • Protocols * SIP
  • Notebook Connections * VGA * LAN

How to reserve the room & system?

The video conference system Cisco MX300 is permanently installed in OHSA/B19 and can only be booked using an meeting reservation . Note: this meeting room can be booked only in connection with a video conference. Important, when making your reservation please always specify “video conference” in the subject line, otherwise your reservation will not be accepted.

Obtaining support

If you require assistance regarding the MX300 videoconferencing system, please submit a Incident to servicedesk.
In urgent cases, you may reach the helpdesk by phone (8400).
After submitting a trouble ticket you will be contacted by the appropriate support technician.

Support times: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00PM

Case 1. two participants requiring a point to point connection from off-campus to PSI:

The PSI video conference system is reachable from external sites using:
  • SIP ID :
  • Through an incoming call which must be accepted on the touch panel

Case 2. two participants requiring a point to point connection from PSI to off-campus:

  • You will need from the other party a SIP ID or a GDS number (H. 323)
  • z.B SIP ID or IP Adresse