Bernina Instrument

Schematic Bernina Instrument at the center SwissFEL Aramis beamline.
Schematic Bernina Instrument at the center SwissFEL Aramis beamline.

The Bernina instrument is formed by the center SwissFEL Aramis beamline, the pump laser system, and different endstations.

Besides versatile setups using the modular diffractometer system, the standardized setups

can be used for experiments.


Bernina endstation and X-ray parameters
Photon energy range 2 keV – 13.0 keV
Beam profile Focused down to 2x2 µm2 (fwhm, measured) to unfocused 1000x1000 µm2 (fwhm, photon energy dependent).
Bandwidth Monochromatic (Si(111) routinely used, InSb(111), Si(311) and pink beam (~0.2% of fundamental, transmissive single FEL pulse spectrometer available), special modes like broadband SASE operation possible.
Pulse length Standard SASE pulse length ~50 fs (fwhm), short pulse options at cost of pulse energy down to ~20 fs.
Environment He or ambient atmosphere, platform for user-supplied chambers, N2 and He based cryostream coolers down to ~80 K. Vacuum chamber available for low sample Temperature (<5 K), high field THz excitation, and tender X-ray range.
Sample systems

Solids: single crystals, powders, amorphous systems. Liquid/Gas only with user supplied equipment.

Detectors and Spectrometer
  • 1.5 M Jungfrau detector
  • 16 M Jungfrau detector
  • Diodes or single element (0.5 M) Jungfrau detectors for multi- purpose applications.
  • Resonant Inelastic X-ray spectrometer with spherical diced Si(844) analyzer crystals
  • Polarisation analyzer
  • Limited X-ray emission spectrometer options upon request