PSI μSR Data Archives (ftp server and AFS file system) 

The μSR Facility at PSI maintains different kinds of archive of the data collected on the Facility instruments.

Note that this is not intended to exempt the users from maintaining their own data archives.

It is firm PSI policy that all users must make their own backup copies of data they have taken at PSI and that they are responsible for the storage of these data.

For this purpose, data files can be retrieved from either the AFS file system or the μSR ftp server.
A new utility to search for specific data files is now available (written by Z. Salman, and completed by A. Raselli)

The AFS file system at PSI contains the data of the present year. Also some data from previous years can be obtained from the AFS file system.

These data can be retrived either from all Unix/Linux machines at PSI or world-wide by using an appropriate AFS client.

The data are saved in the directory:


where aaaa represents the instrument.

The temperature monitor files are copied and the end of each day also in the AFS file system, as well as the "tlog" files (monitor files for individual runs)

/afs/ and

Since 2002, a ftp-server containing all the known PSI μSR-data is available.

A common account is available for all users:
  • ftp server:
  • account name : musrr
  • the password can be obtained from your instrument scientist
The ftp server can be accessed:
  • either directly by a ftp client (for example use the command ftp from Unix) by specifying the ftp name, account and password. For example:  ftp . You will be prompted
to enter your account and password. Once in the ftp-server, the muSR-data can be retrieved in the directories:      _ /data/YYYY/aaaa/dlog/NNNN/_   (from 2010 the directory dlog is replaced by * tdclog )where:
  • YYYY represents the year
  • aaaa represents the area i.e. either ltf, pim3 (for GPS), mue1, mue4 and pie3
  • and NNNN is the number of the first run in the directory
(each directory contains 100 runs)

Temperature log files (i.e. temperature log recorded during a specific run) are obtained in the directories:


(see the definitions of YYYY and __aaaa __just above).

Temperature monitor files (i.e. temperature log grouped for an entire day) are obtained in the directories:

  /data/YYYY/aaaa/mon/ (see the definitions of YYYY and __aaaa __just above). Lists (sorted or not) of the runs saved for a spefific year can be found in the directory   __ /list/__
All the files are zipped individually.

Use your favorite unzip software to unzip the requested files. The muSR-data zip-files contain the data files with the extension ".bin" (binary format with 512 bytes/record).

The monitor-files contain the monitor files with the extension".mon" (ASCII format).

-- Main.AlexAmato - 20 Sep 2013