X-Treme / X07MA: X-ray absorption spectroscopy at high magnetic field and low temperature

X-Treme pic.JPG

The X-Treme beamline, run by the Microscopy and Magnetism Group, produces a high flux of soft x-rays with variable polarization (circular left, circular right and linear polarization in any angle between 0 and 90 degrees) from an Apple-II undulator source.

The end station is equipped with a superconducting 2D vector magnet operating at 7 T single direction or 2 T vectorial field and a 2 K sample insert. The end-station is also equipped with an in-situ sample preparation system and a variable-temperature scanning tunneling microscope. In order to prepare for their experiment, users are asked to look at the end-station webpage, at the user information webpage and at our frequently asked questions section.

The beamline mostly focuses on measurements involving x-ray magnetic circular and linear dichroism at transition metal L2,3-edges (transition 2p -> 3d), lanthanide M4,5 edges (transition 3d -> 4f) and oxygen or nitrogen K-edges (transition 1s -> 2p). Typical systems studied are single atoms on surfaces; molecules or single-molecule magnets in bulk or on surfaces; superlattices and ultra-thin films. Different detection modes are available: total electron yield, total fluorescence yield, transmission and x-ray excited optical luminescence.

The X-Treme beamline and end station were constructed by a consortium including PSI (Microscopy and Magnetism group, SLS) and the group of Prof. Harald Brune, Laboratory of Nanostructures at Surfaces at EPFL. The funding for the beamline construction was provided by PSI and the one for the end station from the EPFL and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Energy range400-2000 eV
Flux (700eV)4 x 10^15 photons / s / 0.1%BW / 0.4 A
typically 10^12 photons / s at sample position (0.1 eV energy resolution, 700 eV photon energy)
Focused spot sizeexit slit µm x 230 µm (V x H)
Spectral resolution> 5000
PolarizationLinear: 0 deg (horizontal) to 90 deg (vertical)
Circular: right / left